Talk n Drum Language & Music Program for Preschoolers


Talk n Drum is a researched based multi sensory method to teach Spanish, ESL and Italian, with sign language included in every lesson, through drumming, movement and singing original songs in the target language. 


Strategically combined activities energize and emphasize creative thinking and self expression so students 18 months - 6 yrs. make sensory and cognitive connections to learn conceptually. It is a language and music ‘experience’ that raises awareness of sound and rhythm of speech on a visual, kinesthetic and auditory level. 

The TnD method develops logical thinking by teaching inference and cognitive skills, and raises the child’s awareness of his/her own unique learning process. It teaches listening skills as it develops eye-hand coordination and motor skills through instrument playing. 


Specially composed TnD songs teach words and complete phrases in the target language as they teach tonal intervals, rhythmic patterns and the dynamics of music. The most important lesson TnD teaches is that learning anything can be fun!